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special offer !

50% off

first month ​for new ​customers !

Your home is becoming a ​warehouse with full of ​boxes? Or you are from ​another part of this planet?

You are now at the right ​place: We accept orders ​from Amazon sellers from all ​around the world for UK ​Marketplace

No Monthly Contracts or Sign ​Up Fees !

We offer you quality prep services for your items to get them ​ready for Amazon depots and meet all Amazon TOS (terms and ​conditions)


If Amazon label your goods they are received into ​their warehouse and then set aside for labelling. The ​goods can remain unfulfillable for up to an extra 10 days ​(sometimes longer at Christmas) whilst they are waiting to ​be labelled meaning you lose sales whilst your stock ​remains unfulfillable.

Using FbaPrepLabelling to label your items means ​they can be scanned straight into Amazon where they ​become available within 72 hours of being received into ​the warehouse. This avoids the frustration of losing sales ​whilst your stock remains unfulfillable.

Grow your business

How it works :

1.You purchase the items you want to sell on Amazon.

3D Worker Driving a Forklift Loading a Truck

2. You send those items directly to us.

3.We receive your shipment and quickly ​unpack and inspect your items.

Printing document packaging machine

4. We label each item with its own FNSKU

and other labelling services.

We can polibag and bundle items

for you where needed.

Barcode label
Pharmacy Chemist Woman Labeling Drugs

5.We send your prepped items into the

Amazon Fulfilment Centre.

Our warehouse facility has security 24 hours a day and ​we offer flexible solutions to our clients to ensure an ​efficient service

Price list :

Inspection + FNSKU ​label application

£ 0.30 / unit

Inspection + ​FNSKU label ​application + ​polybag

£ 0.40 / unit

Inspection + FNSKU ​label application + ​bubble wrap

£ 0.50 / unit

Bundle (all inclusive: ​pack for max. 4 units + ​polybag + FNSKU label, ​+ £0.10 for any extra ​unit)

£ 0.60 / unit

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New carton box – size:

  • small – £ 2

  • large – £ 3
  • Pallet sizes up to 120 x 100 x 180cm ​- £ 8 /pallet
female warehouse packer
text SPECIAL OFFER on chalkboard with bullhorn
  • New customer?

50 % off first month

  • Bring a new ​customer who ​start working ​with us, and you ​have 30% off next ​month

Business Hours :

  • Monday – Saturday:

09.00 AM – 17.00 PM

  • Sunday: closed

Google Maps

Unit 18,Space Business ​Centre

Smeaton Close, Aylesbury

HP19 8FJ

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The full name of our company is FBA ​PREP LABELLING Ltd.Registered in ​England 14245622.

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